The Cook & Boardman Group stands as a leading manufacturer and distributor of building materials in the United States. With an extensive network of more than 40 distribution centres and over 25 subsidiaries nationwide, they have gained recognition for supplying high-quality doors, frames, hardware products, and other specialized items tailored to accommodate both new construction projects and renovations.


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The Challenges

The Cook & Boardman Group was rapidly expanding, acquiring numerous distinct brands, each with its own individual website. These websites operated on separate systems, were managed by different vendors, and functioned autonomously. This decentralized structure posed substantial challenges for the marketing team, making it exceedingly complex to maintain website synchronization, ensure timely updates, and effectively manage content across this array of brands. Furthermore, routine updates necessitated constant reliance on developers, adding to the complexity.

To tackle these challenges, C&B set out to find a strategic partner capable of helping them consolidate all their websites onto a unified platform. Their primary objective was to implement next-generation content management capabilities, enabling the centralized management of all 14 websites from a single platform.

Moreover, C&B had future plans to incorporate eCommerce functionality into these websites, emphasizing the need for an experienced DXP platform that could address both their current and future eCommerce needs.

Experro has been a game-changer for us at
Cook & Boardman!

Earlier, we were struggling with outdated CMS systems and third-party hosting for our multiple websites, each with its own unique CMS and hosting solution. Thanks to Experro, we were able to seamlessly centralize all 14 of our websites and streamline our content management processes. The results have been nothing short of spectacular. Our websites are now not only stunningly beautiful but also blazing fast. The best part is that we can effortlessly manage them all from a single centralized platform. Experro's Headless CMS has truly transformed the way we work, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

The Solution

After carefully evaluating multiple platforms, C&B opted for Experro, impressed by its capabilities and functionalities. Experro's rapid delivery of these solutions within a month validated their decision and proved why Experro is the platform of choice.

  • Centralized Content Management: Our headless CMS provided a unified platform that allowed C&B to efficiently manage and update content across all 14 websites from a single interface, ensuring ease of maintenance.

  • Blazing-fast Performance: Experro's robust infrastructure and optimization capabilities ensured blazing-fast website performance. This not only enhanced the user experience but also addressed the challenges associated with slow legacy platforms, making their websites more responsive and engaging.

  • Marketing and eCommerce Team Autonomy: By offering them user-friendly content management tools, Experro empowered them to create new content, make updates, and manage digital experiences without the need for developer dependencies.

  • Robust Security: All security aspects and maintenance, along with third-party contracts, are seamlessly managed within the Experro platform. This integrated security approach ensures that C&B no longer needs to worry about security concerns, allowing them to focus on core business operations.

  • Headless eCommerce Integration: With Experro’s out-of-the-box search and merch capabilities, C&B is on a path to incorporate modern headless and composable eCommerce experiences into several of their pivotal brand websites.


The Impact

  • Efficient management of a network of 14 websites from a single platform, simplifying C&B’s digital operations.

  • 113% boost in content management productivity, allowing C&B to deliver timely and engaging digital experiences to their audience.

  • A substantial reduction in costs and effort, particularly in terms of site maintenance, security management, and third-party contracts.

  • 97% faster site speed, enhancing user interactions and engagement while aligning with modern web standards.

The impact of Experro's solutions extends beyond operational efficiencies, setting the stage for continued success and elevated digital experiences for C&B and their audience.