G2 Recognition: Experro is Now a ‘Leader’ in DXP Market

Experro in top 3 DXPs by G2
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Adding feathers to the crown has become our favorite new habit! 

We are so elated to share the news that Experro has earned a spot in the leaderboard of top Digital Experience Platforms. 

But but but, the reason for joy does not end here. 

We have also been listed in the top 3 among 90 DXPs in the market. The other competitors you see on the grid have been in the industry for over a decade now. However, Experro, within 2 years, has made its mark and has already proved how efficient it is. Isn’t that simply amazing?

Spotlight on G2 

If you are just starting out, let us tell you why G2 awards and ranking are such a big deal. 

G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace in the IT domain. 

This renowned aggregator considers numerous aspects like easy to set up, ease of use, customer support, etc. before awarding a platform with any title. 

Goes without saying, any recognition by G2 is always well-calculated and well-deserved.

Proud To Share the News... 

Can you spot Experro in this grid below?

Experro in the Leaderboard of DXPs

Source - G2

Experro has now been categorized as a 'Leader' in the DXP market. Trust us, this is just the beginning!

This grid places the products and sellers after considering the reviews collected from the G2 community users.

Adding more to this, the grid gives buyers a glance at all alternatives at once. It’s a great way to compare the alternatives and make the best purchasing decision.

As a result, getting featured on this grid has boosted our clients’ confidence in the platform. They know they have made the right choice by choosing Experro DXP for their eCommerce and/or non-eCommerce niche website.

What Do We Look Forward To?

It’s not just G2 that has recognized our work. Let us give you a short recap of where we started from. 

When our sales team used to go on client calls before, it became a ritual to spend the first 30 minutes explaining what a Digital Experience Platform is, how would it help to choose a DXP over traditional website development methods, and much more.

Fast forward to today – clients know what a DXP is. Some also know why Experro is better than the alternative they have used before. 

This encourages us to work towards providing an ever-improving experience for our clients and their end-customers. 

"#1 Headless eCommerce Store Frontend that significantly boosted our conversion rates" 

What do you like best about Experro? 

For us, running an eCommerce store wasn’t just about selling clothes; it was about creating an experience. And let me tell you, we were struggling to nail that experience. Monaco had the style, but the experience was a bit, well, clunky. Our site was slow, especially on mobile. 

We knew we needed a change, but we didn’t want to start from scratch. What really caught our attention was Experro’s promise to revamp our storefront without shaking up our backend. It sounded too good to be true, but we took a chance. 

And it was a game-changer! 

Source – Read full review

To learn more about the platform, book a demo today! 

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